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After mastering the basics of the double stitch, ring, chain and picot, the tatter will be ready to study the many other construction methods used in tatting. The split ring, mock picot and the split

Beaded Tatting Techniques Tutorials star
Here you will find some free tutorials on how to add beads to your tatting in different ways.

Beginner´s Needle Tatting Instructions star
These articles and free tatting tutorials will help you learn to needle tat.

Beginner´s Shuttle Tatting Instructions star
These articles and free tatting tutorials will help you learn to shuttle tat.

Beginner´s Techniques Articles and Tutorials star
Here is a collection of links to articles and free tatting tutorials containing information which will help beginners learning to tat.

Cluny Tatting Free Patterns and Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting patterns which include cluny tatting. There are also some tutorials as this is not an easy technique. These items would suit many purposes including holiday ornaments.

Creative Tatting 2 star[offsite link]
Here is another illustration of Helma Siepmann´s technique of tatting flowers.

Creative Tatting 3 star[offsite link]
This is another illustration of Helma Siepmann´s work, this time providing instructions on crocheting the petals.

Creative Tatting Flower Illustrations star[offsite link]
This page illustrates Helma Seipmann´s technique of making tatted sprays of flowers.

Creative Tatting Terms star[offsite link]
This page gives illustrations of many techniques which Helma Siepmann uses in her "Creative Tatting" techniques for making sprays of flowers.

Designing Tatting Free Tutorials star
Here you will find lessons on how to design your own tatting. Use them as a jumping off point for your own ideas.

Different Stitch Techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Learn how to make different stitches to enhance your tatting and use in your projects to give a slightly different look!

Front Side Back Side Tatting star[offsite link]
This is a lesson describing how to keep your tatting on the right side!

Hanging Cluny Tutorial by Ruth Perry star[offsite link]
This tutorial teaches how to create a cluny leaf that is unattached at the end, i.e., a hanging cluny leave. It is shared by Ruth Perry.

How to create Block Tatting star
Block Tatting is easy and fun to do. Tatted Blocks may be substituted for either rings or chains in many patterns.

How to tat a Cluny Leaf star[offsite link]
Stephanie Peters has produced some very clear instructions on tatting a cluny leaf. Don´t forget to explore her related links too.

How to tat square rings star[offsite link]
Just when you thought rings were round - you find that it´s possible to make square ones! Here´s an excellent explanation of the technique.

Interlocking Tatted Rings star
Instructions for interlocking tatted rings appeared in the Young Ladies Journal,1869. This method was revived and reprinted in Tatting Knots and Notes, Nov. 1992 by the late Doretha Albee.

Josephine Knots star[offsite link]
Here is an interesting discussion of the history of this technique, which is often used to form small flat rings at the top of chains in place of free picots.

Lark's Head Picot Join (LHPJ) star
The LHPJ looks just like the familiar luggage tag loop.

Linked Chains star[offsite link]
Here is a technique guaranteed to drive you and anyone near you mad until you´ve mastered it! Again it falls into the more advanced category.

Miscellaneous Free Tatting Techniques Tutorials star
Here you can find free tatting tutorials covering a range of different tatting techniques which don´t fall into any other category.

Mounting Tatting Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting tutorials giving information on how to mount your tatting in different ways. Don´t forget the e-book Mounting Tatting, available at http://www.bellaonline.com/ebooks/ebook44

Needle Tatting a Ring star
How to Needle Tat a Ring with Picots

Needle Tatting a Wide Picot star
Learn to wrap this intriguing decorative wide picot on the tatting needle.

Negative Space Doily star[offsite link]
The mystery of the strange doily finally solved by Nark Myers and Vickie Reynolds. This doily used negative space as a design element.

Onion Ring - Ball Thread Join star
The onion ring join makes it possible to create the look of a ring surrounded by a chain(s) but using only one shuttle.

Onion Rings- Ball thread join star
The Onion ring uses a ball thread join, not the traditional up join nor the modern down join. The onion ring join allows a center ring to be tightly surrounded by one or more rings in one or more colors. Used with the self-closing mock ring (scmr) it can build a multicolor wide lace.

Pearl Tatting Video with Mark Myers star[offsite link]
This video by the very talented tatter and designer, Mark Myers, has very clear instructions for pearl tatting, which is an early technique developed in the 1860s and which is still occasionally seen in patterns today.

Picot Techniques Free Tatting Patterns star
Learn some interesting ways of tatting picots with this collection of free tatting tutorials.

Preventing Gapsosis star
Avoid those distressing gaps in the lace between rings and chains.

Reading, Writing, and Diagramming Patterns star
Vintage tatting patterns were lengthy and confusing. Today's tatting notation makes it easier to read, write and diagram patterns.

Roll Tatting Tutorial star
Roll tatting is a novelty stitch found in many vintage tatting patterns.

SCMR used in Snowflake star[offsite link]
This snowflake shows how a chain can be folded back and joined to itself to form a self-closing mock ring (SCMR.)

Self-Closing Mock Ring (GR-8) how-to star[offsite link]
Self-Closing Mock Ring (GR-8) instructions for the basic self-closing mock ring as presented by the Shuttle Brothers, Randy and Gary Houtz.

Single Shuttle Chain star
Creating a chain using only one shuttle.

Split Chain star
The split chain is just one technique which allows a tatter to tat from the center out or from row to row with unnecessary cuts in the thread. Popularized by Dora Young who was also the first tatter to ever receive a U.S. Patent for a tatting technique.

Split Chain Join Stitch tutorial star[offsite link]
Sabina Carden-Madden has created an excellent tutorial on how to do the Split Chain join stitch, which is also known as the Dora Young knot.

Split ring and chain techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are links to free tatting tutorials covering the art of making split rings and chains in tatted lace.

Starting and finishing techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some links to free tatting tutorials on how to start and finish your work neatly. These lessons are essential to any improving tatting lacemaker.

Suzann´s Interlocking Rings tutorial star[offsite link]
Here is an interesting article on how to make a row of interlocking rings.

Tatting a Three Colour Flower star[offsite link]
Here is how to make a flower in three colours, described in an article by Diane M Whisnant.

Tatting Joining Techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some articles and free tutorials on how to make tatted lace joins.

Tatting Tension Free Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting tutorials to help you to improve your tension.

Tatting vs Wrapping star
You practiced and studied hard to master the flip (tatting), to make the loop transfer and create the double stitch one half at a time. And now it says don't flip?

Techniques in making tatted lines Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting tutorials giving lessons in ways of creating tatted lines with a slightly different look.

The Shuttle Lock Join star
A description of the shuttle lock join.

Tips and Tricks in Tatting star
Here are some free tatting tutorials which offer lots of tips and tricks to help the new tatter and experienced lacemaker.

Treble Tat Stitch - Nineta Caruso star
Ninetta shares her technique of creating a tatting stitch which gives the appearance of treble crochet stitches in tatting.

Treble Tatted Stitch star
The technique of the treble tatted stitch (as I have learned from Ninetta Caruso and Muskaan) begins simply with a ring/chain in progress with a very small picot (vsp) followed by 1 double stitch From there you must read and follow the directions one step at a time.

Two Needle Tatting Techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting tutorials on ways of using two needles to enhance your tatting.

Two Shuttle Tatting Techniques Free Tatting Tutorials star
Here are some free tatting tutorials to help you learn how to use two tatting shuttles to enhance your tatting.

Useful Information About Tatting star
Here are free articles which are not really tutorials but which contain useful information such as the translation of tatting terms into different languages.

Using a Flat Tatting Shuttle star
How to use a flat tatting shuttle

What to Use for Tatting star

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