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Here are the top ten articles for the Tatting Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Il Lavoro Chiacchierino Series
Here's an update on this long-running series of tatting books produced by Mani di Fata is a treasure trove of traditional tatting patterns.

2. AJ Sutton Bridal Bag
A bridal bag to tat shared by AJ Sutton.

3. Japanese Needle Tatting
You will need patience to master this needle tatting technique. Unlike shuttle tatting and traditional needle tatting, the tool does not hold a supply of thread with which to work. Instead, Japanese needle tatting functions more like crochet in that it draws continually from the ball of thread.

4. Pineapple Heaven by Doretha Albee
Doretha Albee's (1935-2011) intriguing interpretation of the familiar crocheted pineapple motif into tatting was first featured in Book 5 of the Ribbonwinners Series, "Tatting with Friends." Her pattern, "Pineapple Heaven", if made in size 40 cordonnet thread the finished doily would be about 12" i

5. Josephine Knot (Ring)
The Josephine Ring or Knot is easy to tat and offers many options for embellishing .

6. Snowflake Workbasket May 1953
Snowflake Workbasket May 1953, this snowflake pattern is an easy repeat, with chains and trefoils on the points of the flake. In traditional white or gorgeous colors add beads for bling.

7. Deaconess Butterfly 1916 - Carolyn Groves
Deaconess Butterfly 1916 Re-Written by Carolyn Groves

8. Mystery Doily Restored - Patty Dowden
Recently, this mysterious doily was rediscovered on Intatters and caused a commotion. I was so pleased to know that even after more than a decade this doily is still being studied and worked by tatters. Patty Dowden of the Intatters discussion group on this doily, has prepared a new set of diagrams

9. Interlocking Tatted Rings
Instructions for interlocking tatted rings appeared in the Young Ladies Journal,1869. This method was revived and reprinted in Tatting Knots and Notes, Nov. 1992 by the late Doretha Albee.

10. Cluny or Petal Tatting
Here are the basic steps for cluny tatting.

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